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Beautiful State of the Art Chapel & Facilities

Green Pine Funeral Home is a full service funeral home serving all of Nassau and surrounding counties. We conduct funerals in our chapel or your church and do burials in any cemetery. Additionally, we serve clients with international needs. We accept many pre-paid funeral and cremation plans regardless of where or when they we purchased. Located on the quiet, peaceful grounds of Green Pine Cemetery.

For those who prefer to arrange everything at one location - We offer the ONLY Combination Funeral Home & Cemetery in Nassau County. Many find it much easier to make all the arrangements at one location.


Our Stephens Family Chapel is elegantly decorated featuring crystal chandeliers throughout, state of the art Video and Sound System, Kurzweil digital Grand Piano & Keyboard, and seating for 120.

Memory Videos

A Memory Video is included with all our Standard Funeral Packages. You may bring us up to 50 photos and we create a DVD Video to use at the visitation and/or service. After the service the VIDEO is yours to take home and keep.

Expert Preparation & Cosmetics

Proven highest quality preparation and cosmetics. There is a difference. Ask anyone who's used our services.

Funeral Direction

A person only gets one funeral. We know it's important that your loved one's funeral be properly conducted. We have years of proven experience conducting all manner of funerals and memorial services... from basic, simple gatherings to elaborate services for dignitaries. All are equally important to us and deserve our utmost respect and effort.

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