Typical Price Comparisons
Direct Cremation

Our Price (Green Pine complete, no hidden charges).................................$1595.00

Their Price (So-called "discounter" $605.00 added to their "bait price")........$1700.00

Their Price (Other Traditional Funeral Service Providers)......Starting at .......$2970.00

So-called "discount cremation providers" will lure you in by telling you their price is $1095.00; however, in order to receive the prompt professional service you would receive anywhere else you must pay them an additional $605.00. These figures are taken from THEIR very own price list. Or if their advertising says "call for lowest price" it is their tactic to lure you into using their service - but be warned, you will have to pay their "extra charges" if you want reasonable prompt service.

Other traditional funeral service providers in the area will tell you over the phone that their price is the same as ours. IT IS NOT. This price is taken from THEIR list...Direct Cremation STARTING AT $2970.00

More Price Comparisons

Additional Fees charged by so-called discount funeral providers

Monday - Friday after 5 PM $600.00

Saturdays $1,000.00

Sunday Service $2,000.00

Sunday Visitation (in ADDITION to normal visitation charge) $1,200.00

Visitation at other location $600.00

OVERTIME Holiday Charge for Staff $800.00

Assisting family with securing Military Honors $100.00

Overweight decedent removal Additional Charge (MINIMUM) $100.00

Additional Fee for Autopsied decedent $200.00

Additional Fee for Organ Donation decedent $175.00

So-called "discount funeral providers" will lure you in by telling you their price is less; IT IS NOT! These figures are taken from THEIR very own price list, they are easily $2000 to $3000. extra for an average traditional funeral.

Does Green Pine Funeral Home charge any additional fee for the services listed above? NO!

You've probably heard the old adage, "If it sounds too good to be true - it probably is." Ultimately, you'll have to decide for yourself who's being truthful with you. We sincerely hope that you will consider our record of serving our community and the Testimonials presented in making your decision.

Green Pine Funeral-Cremations & Cemetery

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In almost every case there are a few third party or extra expenses - these are not our charges, therefore, they are not listed as such; however, so that you do not have any surprises you should know about these potential third party fees.

  1. For cremations - in this district the Medical Examiner's Office charges $50 (as of 2014) to approval all cremations.
  2. Certified Death Certificates - Certified Copies are $7 (as of 2014) each as charged by local government.
  3. Obituaries - Most newspapers will publish a free death notice if desired. For obituaries that list survivor information and other personal information about the deceased, the local Fernandina Beach Newsleader charges $65 with an additional $10 if a photo is included. A typical paid obituary with the Jacksonville paper, The Florida Times Union, tends to average $350 to $450 and up per day depending on length. We do not charge any additional to compose and/or submit your obituary to any newspaper in the United States - you will only be charges the exact fee as charged by the newspaper. No one is required to place on obituary.

THERE ARE NO HIDDEN FEES OR ADDITIONAL CHARGES made by Green Pine Funeral Home for any services within our local Florida service area (50 miles), no hidden fees based on time of day or day of week.

If you have any questions about preplanning, contact us at 904-261-0876, or E-Mail Us Here

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