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The death of a loved one is the most stressful events in anyone's life, and yet decisions and plans still need to be made. Our compassionate funeral directors and staff are experts in handling the details that must be attended to.

Whether your wishes are for a traditional funeral, or perhaps a ceremony that might be considered more contemporary in design, let us help you plan a ceremony that honors of the life your loved one. We are experts in arranging and conducting all manner of religious, military and fraternal services. Some of our client families have preferred a simple graveside committal service. All our client families deserve our utmost care, respect and attention to detail.

Product selections vary according to your individual taste. Our selections offer something for every preference.

We offer:

The traditional funeral service normally includes a visitation with family and friends. A funeral ceremony is also planned and conducted to provide a fitting tribute designed to honor the life of your loved one and provide a setting in which friends and family may gather together. Services can be conducted in our state of the art chapel or at your church - and we do burials in all cemeteries. For those who prefer to do everything at one place, we also have our own beautifully maintained perpetual care cemetery.


A Graveside Service is a way for families and friends to pay their last respects to their loved one without the formalities involved with a Traditional Church or Chapel Ceremony. Families and friends typically gather at the grave site for a brief ceremony. Such services can be accomplished with or without a viewing/visitation.


Immediate Burial is when burial occurs without viewing/visitation or funeral ceremony. Embalming is not necessary. Occasionally this type of service is selected by those not wanting any type of ceremony.

  • Available with or without local viewing and/or funeral services
  • Domestic or International
  • Available with our without viewing and/or funeral services

    Donation of entire body to medical science - note the medical school does not pay for preparation. Our fee, $2490, must be paid by the donor or donor's family.

  • Arterial Embalming as required by receiving facility
  • Required Administrative Services
  • Transportation to Medical Teaching Facility at Shands - Gainesville

    In almost every case there are a few third party or extra expenses - these are not our charges, therefore, they are not listed as such; however, so that you do not have any surprises you should know about these potential third party fees.

    1. 1. Certified Death Certificates - Certified Copies are $7 (as of 2014) each as charged by local government.
    2. 2. Obituaries - Most newspapers will publish a free death notice if desired. For obituaries that list survivor information and other personal information about the deceased, the local Fernandina Beach Newsleader charges $65 with an additional $10 if a photo is included. A typical paid obituary with the Jacksonville paper, The Florida Times Union, tends to average $350 to $450 and up per day depending on length. We do not charge any additional to compose and/or submit your obituary to any newspaper in the United States - you will only be charges the exact fee as charged by the newspaper. No one is required to place on obituary.

    THERE ARE NO HIDDEN FEES OR ADDITIONAL CHARGES made by Green Pine Funeral Home for any services and no hidden fees based on time of day or day of week.

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